Girls Posters

This project began as a single graphics poster meant to highlight the need for positive female representation in media. I later expanded on this idea and created a set of character poster illistrations representing different media forms. Each one draws inspiration from a well known vintage poster, and includes a recognizable character of my own selection.

Winry Poster.png

Rosie the Riveter

I chose this poster because I felt it most accurately depicted the message I wanted to convey. The original poster is well recognized as one of the most powerful feminist messages in American history. For that reason, its meaning is easily accessible.


Uncle Sam

This poster is also one of the most well known vintage posters. The Uncle Sam poster, while originally depicting a man, is recognizable enough by the pose and typesetting to get the message across. I wanted this particular poster to be a sort of call to action by making it seem to directly interact with the viewer. 


Attack of the 50ft Woman

To keep the nature of this poster series more lighthearted, I wanted to add a humorous image as well. I used this particular character illustration because I believe that Wonder Woman is the most recognizable character I chose for my series. Because she is universally known as a proud and powerful female superhero, I thought the message would still come across, even if her poster if more fun that serious like the others.